The Story of SuREAL

One fine day in Brisbane we set forth walking,
Setting a high pace, we got around to talking,
Julienne wanting to broaden her horizons fast,
Diana keen to create a business made to last.

From divergent paths we found a common thread,
Perhaps a joint business being the way ahead,
Then one Easter, we realised a picture for success,
That’s truly SuREAL … unleashing Potential … no less.

With great passion, we set forth to make a difference,
Driving business success our foremost terms of reference,
The bigger picture was then brought into the open,
‘People & Success’ stepping forth to make it happen.

A sense of integrity being foremost as our belief,
Caring for people … for real … what a relief,
An unrelenting drive for progress being our way,
A reason for being that was real and not just heresay.

A fit for life, a fit for business strategy we do promote,
Integrated AND common sense solutions worthy of note,
Seizing win-win opportunities whilst on the run,
A creative touch by design, here’s to having fun!

Our journey was built to last … let’s do it right NOW,
Tom Peter’s Re-Imagine inspiring us to create a process to WOW,
Next, to creating the ultimate experience … can you feel it?
Helping you to picture success … now … can you see it?