Link-Up International

Paul Burgess
CEO, Link-Up International

“I would say that what she does best is helping leaders build their teams and build their people.”

I have worked with Julienne in a number of different capacities for around 17 years.  In recent years she has been a partner of Link-up, working on some of our biggest accounts in Australia, the US and Europe.

I would say that what she does best is helping leaders build their teams and build their people. She uses the ID system to help leaders better understand their own drivers and fast track their development as strategic leaders, and to help teams better understand and trust each other and their leaders. She does a lot of leader coaching and development.

Julienne has to be a very good relationship developer, and she does that extremely well. When she works with us, essentially her role is to build relationships with our clients and strategise with them to solve their problems. She architects and designs the work, and then delegates the implementation to the project team while maintaining overall management of the project. Throughout all of this she has to keep the project team and the client engaged.

I call Julienne an ‘execution machine with a smile’. When you work with her on a project, she is always very positive and encouraging, but she will always hold you to account and you feel compelled to get stuff done. She is really, really good at accountability. Not many people can mix accountability with charisma, but Julienne somehow can – you want to get stuff done not out of a sense of compliance, but because you don’t want to let her down.

I would absolutely recommend Julienne to companies that have a complex transformation project, and they need someone to manage the people and project flawlessly.