I’m in the start-up phase of my SME

“SuREAL have been invaluable in helping me throughout the start-up phase of my new business venture, The Goodnight Society. Julienne has helped me to clearly define where I want the business to be in five years time, and how I’m going to get there. She then holds me accountable to my strategy and challenges me to make sure none of my decisions deviate from this. I now have a weekly coaching session with her where she helps me with everything from prioritising my workload to financial modelling to my strategy for external income creation during this start- up phase. Having Julienne on my side just totally elevates my belief in the viability of my business. Working with her gives me confidence in myself and my business model.”

Kathryn Tyrrell
Director, The Goodnight Society

You’ve been working on setting up your own SME for the past few months (or maybe years!), or perhaps you’re in your first one to three years of operations. You’re likely a one to two person band, and you’re currently responsible for managing everything in your business – from HR and finance, marketing and administration. You know what it means to burn the midnight oil, be a master of all trades and how to make the most of limited resources. And you also know that for your own personal satisfaction and to take the business to the next level, something needs to change.

You’ll have confidence in your strategic direction, backed by a clear, innovative vision and strategic plan, aligned to your core values and passion.You’ll be better placed to attract and retain the right people to support your business growth.You’ll be in a strong position to attract stakeholders/investors/business partners who are aligned to your business vision and can financially support your growth.You’ll have an increased likelihood of success.

Discover how understanding your drivers through the I.D.® System can set the foundation for more effective leadership, decision making and collaboration.You’ll identify your own personal formula for success, fulfilment and effective leadership.You’ll have a high performing team.

Behind every successful person or team sits a great coach. Who’s coaching you?A great coach is your sounding board. You’ll be challenged, encouraged, motivated, held to account, and focused. Having a coach will give you the confidence to make the hard decisions you need to make in business in order to succeed.If there are two or more of you who are looking for coaching at the same time (either in your network or ours), we can also organise group coaching sessions. These are a cost-effective way for you to access coaching while connecting with like-minded individuals who will be facing many of the same challenges as you.

If you’ve managed to build up a small team, a team coaching workshop will enable you to understand how you can improve individual performance, and work together more effectively as a team. This will speed up decision making processes, ensure the team is aligned to your vision, and make sure you’re creating an environment where people want to come to work.We can also help you establish an Advisory Board of trusted business advisors to guide the direction of your business.

Complex, non-streamlined operations can be the most stressful part of running a SME. Business operations planning will enable you to review and simplify your structure, finances and operations so you can free up more of your time for working on the business, not in the business.

You’ll have confidence that you and your business are keeping up with the pace of change in business and technology, and that you’re embracing the opportunities that will enable your business to grow. We can help identify and manage the change process for business transformation opportunities including:-

  • Real-time productivity systems
  • Business acquisition, merger and sale
  • International expansion
  • Culture transformation
  • Business reinvention

To talk to us about fast tracking the start up of your business, contact us here.