Slipstream Coaching

Scott Charlton
Director of Coaching, Slipstream Coaching

“…with Julienne one can be confident that taking the action she recommends will put you on the path to success.”

I’ve been working with Julienne from SuREAL for more than 10 years, in a number of different capacities. With each development of my career and in my various roles, if there’s been an opportunity to get Julienne and SuREAL involved, I’ve given her a call.

The first time we worked together was in 1998. I had merged my accounting firm with another firm and had the sense that we should be doing something more than just amalgamating. So we enlisted in a state government sponsored business coaching program and were assigned Julienne as our coach. She gave us so much value that when we completed the program we made the decision to keep her on as our business coach for the balance of time that I was at the firm, which was another three years.

Through working with our firm Julienne first became aware of the I.D.™ profiling system. She is now the most accomplished person I know in using that methodology. It forms the foundation for her coaching and strategy work, as it enables people to understand their own drivers and the drivers of the people they work with, which is essential for teams to operate effectively together.

In addition to using Julienne as a coach for my own businesses, I have also referred her to a number of my clients and contacts. When I was managing the Queensland branch of a financial planning group, I engaged Julienne as a part-time business coach and had her working with a number of the financial planning firms that were under my umbrella. When I was Director of Coaching at another organisation, I engaged her as a freelance coach.

What makes you confident to refer her to your clients and contacts?

I’ve seen first-hand how effective Julienne can be when she works with a client. One such contact I referred to Julienne engaged her for many years. The owners of that business definitely walked away with smiles on their faces and a financial result that suggested it was a good outcome.

I’ve found Julienne to be a first class business coach. Firstly, you can’t replace the depth of experience that she’s had across a broad range of businesses. There’s just so much substance and experience there. I also have total confidence with Julienne that when she’s tossed into any experience or situation, she’ll be able to hold her own. She’s extremely adaptable and capable.

There’s also a general expectation that Julienne sets with the people that she works with that they’ll actually do something with what’s being covered. Everyone ends up with homework at the end of the meeting! As a result, real outcomes emerge. In my view, coaching is all pretty hollow if nothing improves, but with Julienne one can be confident that taking the action she recommends will put you on the path to success.

And if you are taking on Julienne as your coach, I strongly recommend that you get her to do I.D. profiles for you and your team. There’s no doubt that Julienne’s I.D. profiling skills make her enormously effective in getting teams to work together better and help people to get the most out of themselves. Applying this to your business will turbo charge your outcomes.