I’m in the resilience phase of my SME

“When we came to sell Beech Ovens, Julienne from SuREAL worked with us on our strategy and helped us increase the credibility of our offer quite considerably, and ultimately positioned the business to sell at the best possible price.”

Brett Beech,
Former Managing Director, Beech Ovens

Your business has experienced significant growth and you’re wondering if this is sustainable, particularly if you lose key people, customers or stakeholders, or if your business success is overly reliant on you. You may need to make some significant changes to strengthen your business resilience, but it’s hard to extract yourself from the day-to-day running of the business to get it done. So what now? Do you want to expand the business locally or internationally, divest it and therefore maximise its value to make it attractive to investors, or explore merger and acquisition opportunities? You know that you need to make some pretty big decisions, and that you might need an independent perspective to help you do it.

You’ll have confidence in the direction you choose, and it will be aligned to your core values and longer term business and personal goals. You’ll be strongly placed to attract and retain the right leaders and people to support business growth and transition.

You’ll be in a strong position to attract stakeholders/investors/business partners who are aligned to your business vision.

Discover how understanding your drivers through the I.D. System™ can set the foundation for more effective leadership, decision making and collaboration.

You’ll identify your own personal formula for success, fulfilment and effective leadership. You’ll have a high performing, collaborative team.

Behind every successful person or team sits a great coach. Who’s coaching you? A great coach is your sounding board and trusted advisor. You’ll be challenged, encouraged, motivated, held to account, and focused. Having a coach will give you the confidence to make the hard decisions you need to make in order for the business to grow, and for you to achieve your personal goals.

A team coaching workshop will enable you to understand how you can improve individual performance, and work together more effectively as a team. If you’re planning to transition the business in any way, this will also establish the foundation for successful change. You’ll also speed up decision making processes, ensuring the team is aligned to your personal vision and the business vision, and making sure you’re creating an environment where people want to come to work. We can also help you establish an Advisory Board of trusted business advisors to guide the direction of your business.

Complex, non-streamlined operations can be the most stressful and financially draining part of any enterprise. Business operations planning will enable you to review and simplify your structure, finances and operations, all critical elements in ensuring the business has a strong foundation for growth, and is attractive to potential investors, buyers and/or employees, depending on your plans for business growth.

You’ll have confidence that you and your business are keeping up with the pace of change in business and technology, and that you’re embracing the opportunities that will enable your business and/or people to grow. We can help identify and manage the change process for business transformation opportunities:-

  • Real-time productivity systems
  • Business acquisition, merger and sale
  • International expansion
  • Culture transformation
  • Business reinvention

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